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Pre-Purchase Exams

Looking for your next horse? Our veterinarians provide pre-purchase examinations for clients across Wichita to ensure your new partner is a perfect fit for you.

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Finding The Right Partnership Between Horse & Rider

A pre-purchase exam helps take some of the guesswork out of purchasing your next horse. It is used to determine the overall health and soundness of a horse. 

These examinations are not an indicator of future health and soundness but rather an evaluation of the risks associated with purchasing the horse for its intended purpose. Whether you're looking for your next Grand Prix show jumper or a trial riding partner, it is important to have an expert evaluate your prospective horse to ensure they are suited to your needs.

We take the time to listen to your goals and expectations. Our team of veterinarians will work with you to identify the ideal horse that matches your skill level and riding style. We also consider the horse's temperament, personality, and past experiences. This ensures a good match between rider and horse.

Our team at Equine Surgery & Medicine is committed to helping you find a horse that is physically suited for your training program and riding interests.

Equine Pre-purchase Exams, Wichita Vets

Why You Should Consider a Pre-Purchase Exam

Are you looking to buy your next horse? Horses are a huge financial investment, so whether its intended purpose is for competition or pleasure riding, having all the facts to make the right decision is crucial. That's where a pre-purchase exam can help.

Our veterinarians will take the time to understand your riding goals and examine your desired horse to assess its overall health and soundness. Once all risk factors have been determined, you will have an advantage when it comes to price negotiations and making informed purchasing decisions.

Make an informed and confident purchase with our pre-purchase examination service. Contact us when you're ready to take the next step in acquiring your next equine partner.

What is Involved in a Pre-Purchase Exam?

Our pre-purchase exams will involve the following:

  • A thorough evaluation of the horse while standing. This includes checking the heart, lungs, eyes, digestive system, muscles, and overall body condition.
  • Observing the horse's movement on both soft and hard surfaces, and if possible, while being ridden.
  • Performing flexion tests on each limb area to assess flexibility.
  • Taking a standard set of X-rays. Additional X-rays can be done if the buyer has specific concerns.
  • Conducting blood work, which includes a Coggins test, additional chemistry analysis, and a Complete Blood Count (CBC) to evaluate organ function and blood cell values. A complete drug screen may be conducted if requested by the owner.

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