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Corrective Shoeing

Since 1975, Equine Surgery & Medicine has been a leading provider of corrective shoeing services for horses in Wichita and the surrounding areas.

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A Happy, Performance-Ready Horse

Corrective shoeing, often referred to as therapeutic or remedial shoeing, is a crucial aspect of equine hoof care and management. This specialized technique involves the application of customized horseshoes to address and rectify various hoof issues in horses.

Horseshoes protect a horse's hooves from the wear and tear caused by rough terrain. They are custom-fitted to each individual horse's hoof and can also aid in correcting specific hoof problems, such as overgrown or misshapen hooves.

Hoof problems can cause your horse pain, affect the weight-bearing ability of the foot, and lead to compensatory movements that can result in issues and injuries in other parts of the body.

Corrective shoeing serves several critical purposes in maintaining the health and functionality of a horse's hoof, including alignment and balance, providing support for injuries, and addressing confirmation issues. It can also be beneficial in managing hoof-related conditions, such as laminitis, navicular syndrome, under-run heels, hoof cracks, and arch imbalances.

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Regular vs. Corrective Shoes

Standard horseshoes are nailed into and follow the shape of the hoof wall. They leave the sole of the hoof open and do not extend beyond the heel.

Not all horses will need shoes, but when they do, the primary purpose is to protect the hoof wall and enhance traction without significantly changing the foot’s position. Conversely, corrective shoes alter how the hoof is positioned and how ground forces act on the foot.

A corrective shoe is a broad term that refers to any type of horseshoe that deviates from the normal “U” shape that most horse owners are familiar with.

There are a number of different types of corrective shoes with a variety of purposes. Whether your horse has foundered or has imperfect conformation, our veterinarians can fit your horse with the right type of shoe to balance their hoof and provide much-needed comfort and pain relief.

Types Of Corrective Shoes

Depending on your horse's specific issues, there are a number of different types of shoes that can be used to restore comfort and soundness, including:

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