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Equine Radiology

Digital radiology gives our veterinarians the opportunity to assess the condition of a horse's soft and hard tissues. We use digital X-rays to diagnose internal conditions and create personalized treatment plans.

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Our Advanced Radiology Services

At Equine Surgery & Medicine, we prioritize the highest standards of diagnostics to ensure your horse's well-being. That's why we have cutting-edge technology that allows us to capture digital X-rays, both on our premises and out in the field.

Our veterinarians in Wichita can swiftly review the images to promptly diagnose and initiate appropriate treatment plans.

In more complex cases, our veterinarians may consult with colleagues or specialized radiologists by sharing the digital images, which are safely archived and can be accessed on a secure website for convenient web-based sharing.

Our aim is to provide a compassionate and comfortable experience for both you and your horse.

Equine Lameness Evaluations, Wichita Vets

Equine Lameness Evaluations, Wichita Vets

How Equine Radiology Helps Inform Diagnosis

Digital X-rays help our veterinarians identify fractures, laminitis, wounds, foreign objects, and penetration of joints.

When evaluating lameness, radiographs are often the initial diagnostic imaging method utilized. With digital radiography, computer processing enhances the potential for greater detail compared to traditional radiography.

Additionally, they prove helpful in pre-purchase exams and lameness evaluations. Equine dentition can also be evaluated using radiographs, along with screening or quantifying sand in the abdomen.

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