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Equine Endoscopy

We use endoscopy to visualize structures, such as the upper GI tract, respiratory tract, and urinary tract. This allows our veterinarians to make diagnosis of issues in these small structures a little easier.

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Endoscopy Exams & Procedures

An endoscopy is used to view and analyze a horse's upper respiratory tract, and parts of the gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary tracts. This helps veterinarians make an accurate diagnosis and recommendation for treatment for a wide range of health conditions.

Our endoscopes are designed to capture detailed internal images of a horse's body and identify abnormalities more effectively than other methods such as X-rays. These devices can be inserted through natural openings or surgical incisions.

Endoscopy procedures offer more than just imaging capabilities. They can also perform specialized procedures using instruments within the channels of the device.

This includes taking biopsy samples to understand your horse's condition better and skillfully removing foreign bodies, cysts, or small tumors to ensure your horse's well-being.

Equine Endoscopy, Wichita Vets

Endoscopy Services At Equine Surgery & Medicine

Our veterinary team can perform two different types of endoscopy procedures. We are fortunate to be able to perform these both in our clinic and on your farm. 

Airway Endoscopy

Airway endoscopy is performed so that your vet can look at the upper airway, larynx, and guttural pouches. Common reasons a horse may have its upper airways scoped include upper airway noise such as “roarer” or looking at the guttural pouches for evidence of chondroids in horses with strangles.


Gastroscopy is a thorough examination of the lining tissues of a horse's stomach using a flexible video endoscope that is 3.5 meters long. The procedure is done with light sedation, and pictures are taken at specific points in the stomach. These images are then evaluated and categorized based on their type.

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