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Colic Treatment

Equine Surgery & Medicine provides medical treatment for horses suffering from colic. We are unable to perform colic surgery and will refer your horse to the nearest surgeon in Wichita.

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Life-Saving Care For Colic

Colic is the general term used to describe pain in your horse's abdomen. The digestive system of a horse is highly sensitive and can be disrupted by a change in diet, routine, or even a serious problem like twisting of the large intestine. It can be unpredictable and become life-threatening in the blink of an eye.

Our veterinarians understand the time sensitivity when it comes to treating colic in horses. They are available around the clock to respond, because every second counts in these emergency situations.

After a thorough examination and diagnostic testing, we will be able to determine the severity and extent of the colic.

Treatment options will be discussed with you and can include anything from pain management and fluid therapy to surgery in extreme cases. We are not equipped to handle colic surgery at our clinic and will refer you to the closest equine surgeon.

Once your horse has been treated, it is important to monitor them closely and follow your veterinarian's instructions for care during and after treatment.

Colic Treatment

Emergency Care For Your Horse's Colic

If your horse is displaying colic symptoms, don't delay—reach out to us immediately. Our team is fully prepared to deliver emergency and urgent care for non-surgcial colic cases whenever it's needed.

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Colic FAQs

Colic is a major cause of death in horses. While your veterinarian is the expert, it is still important for owners to understand the condition. Identifying it early can mean the difference between life and death in many cases.

Here are some commonly asked questions about colic:

Colic Treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to colic treatment because there are so many different causes for the condition. Accurate diagnosis is key when it comes to effective management of symptoms. In many cases, immediate medical or surgical interventions are necessary to save the horse's life.

Veterinarians rely on thorough physical examinations, medical history, and diagnostic tools like ultrasounds and X-rays to pinpoint the specific type of colic the horse is experiencing. Once the cause is identified, the appropriate treatment plan can be implemented.

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