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Core Care Services

We provide an extensive selection of veterinary services aimed at maintaining your horse's health. We take pride in keeping South-Central Kansas horses healthy, sound, and disease-free all their life.

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Mobile Services

At Equine Surgery & Medicine, we offer a complete range of mobile veterinary services. Our trucks are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment.

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Surgical Services

Surgical procedures help keep or restore your horse's health, addressing various issues such as deep lacerations and reproductive problems.

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Breeding Services

Our veterinarians can assist you in achieving the highest level of success and health for your breeding program.

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Dental Care

Regular dental care for your horse is crucial because their teeth keep growing throughout their entire life.

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Preventive Health Care

Keep your horse safe from various serious conditions by regularly vaccinating and deworming them.

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Castration is an essential aspect of responsible horse ownership as it promotes the horse's welfare and benefits the equine community as a whole.

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Nutrition Counselling

Our veterinarians can analyze your horse's diet, identify nutritional deficiencies, and address health issues.

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Internal Medicine

We have the expertise to address a wide range of ailments, including immune system problems and neurological disorders.

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Colic Treatment

Equine Surgery & Medicine provides essential non-surgical medical care for horses suffering from colic symptoms, which can save their life.

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Corrective Shoeing

At Equine Surgery & Medicine, we provide corrective shoeing services to ensure the health and function of your horse's hooves.

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Pre-Purchase Exams

We can assist you in ensuring that your future horse has the health requirements and scope to meet your desired performance level.

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  • Mobile Services

    Equine Surgery & Medicine provides mobile care to horses across South-Central Kansas. Whether your horse needs routine vaccinations or emergency services, we provide care right on your farm. Book Appointment Equine Veterinary Care & Diagnostic Services On Your Farm Our mobile veterinary servic...
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  • Breeding & Reproduction

    At Equine Surgery & Medicine, we offer reproductive management services for your breeding program, from hormone tracking to artificial insemination. Book Appointment Customized Reproductive Management Our team of experienced veterinarians provides the highest level of care for your mare and foal. ...
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  • Equine Dentistry

    Our veterinary team provides comprehensive dental care to horses in Wichita and across South-Central Kansas. Routine dental care helps your horses stay healthy and perform their best. Book Appointment Restoring & Maintaining Your Horses Dental Health Whether you have...
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  • Preventive Health Care

    Routine preventive care from our veterinarians goes a long way toward helping give your horse the best chance at a long and healthy life. Book Appointment  Routine Equine Veterinary Care Routine preventive care for horses includes everything from annual physical examinations, vaccinations, and deworming to  d...
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  • Equine Surgery

    At Equine Surgery & Medicine in Wichita, we provide a range of equine surgical procedures, which include arthroscopy, laparoscopy, soft tissue surgery, and reproductive surgeries. Book Appointment Surgical Services for Horses At Equine Surgery & Medicine, we understand the importance of using...
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  • Castration

    Castration is a necessary part of responsible horse ownership, ensures the horse's well-being, and contributes to the overall welfare of the equine community. Book Appointment The Benefits of Castration for Horses Castration is a common surgical procedure that involves the surgical removal...
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  • Nutritional Consulting

    Our team can develop a feeding program for your horse to increase their vitality and well-being. We also keep track of their topline to ensure they have the right nutritional and exercise programs. Book Appointment Nutritional Guidance for a Happy & Energized Horse Nutritional consulti...
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  • Internal Medicine

    At Equine Surgery & Medicine, we diagnose and treat internal medicine conditions, such as infectious diseases, neurologic disorders, and heart conditions, in horses across South-Central Kansas. Book Appointment Protecting Your Horse's Internal Health Veterinary internal medicine involves the preve...
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  • Colic Treatment

    Equine Surgery & Medicine provides medical treatment for horses suffering from colic. We are unable to perform colic surgery and will refer your horse to the nearest surgeon in Wichita. Book Appointment Life-Saving Care For Colic Colic is the general term used to describe pain in your...
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  • Corrective Shoeing

    Since 1975, Equine Surgery & Medicine has been a leading provider of corrective shoeing services for horses in Wichita and the surrounding areas. Book Appointment A Happy, Performance-Ready Horse Corrective shoeing, often referred to as therapeutic or remedial shoeing, is a crucial as...
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  • Pre-Purchase Exams

    Looking for your next horse? Our veterinarians provide pre-purchase examinations for clients across Wichita to ensure your new partner is a perfect fit for you. Book Appointment Finding The Right Partnership Between Horse & Rider A pre-purchase exam helps take some of the ...
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