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Nutritional Consulting

Our team can develop a feeding program for your horse to increase their vitality and well-being. We also keep track of their topline to ensure they have the right nutritional and exercise programs.

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Nutritional Guidance for a Happy & Energized Horse

Nutritional consulting for horses plays a pivotal role in equine care. It focuses on providing a meticulously balanced and tailored diet that promotes their health, performance, and overall well-being.

Similar to humans, horses possess distinct dietary requirements that demand careful attention to ensure their optimal health. Our veterinarians will collaborate with you to craft a personalized feeding program that caters to your horse's needs.

We will assess your horse's existing diet, pinpointing any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that may impede their health and performance. Additionally, we will take into consideration any underlying health issues or special requirements your horse might have, such as allergies or digestive sensitivities.

Once we have identified your horse's precise nutritional needs, we will formulate a comprehensive plan encompassing the appropriate types and quantities of feed, supplements, and forage. Furthermore, we will provide guidance on the proper storage and preparation of your horse's feed.

A well-balanced diet not only safeguards their health but also elevates their performance, ensuring a lengthy and robust life for these amazing creatures. Investing in the guidance of a qualified equine nutritionist is a valuable step toward safeguarding your horse's well-being.

Benefits of Nutritional Consulting

Horses with the following conditions may benefit from a special dietary plan included with our nutritional consulting services:

Topline Evaluation Scoring

An important part of nutritional consulting involves evaluating your horse's topline. The topline is comprised of three key areas: the withers and back, the loin, and the croup.

Evaluating those three areas together provides a Topline Evaluation Score (TES), which can be tracked over time to measure the effectiveness of your horse's feeding and exercise programs.

With our TES and customized nutrition plans, you can feel confident that your horse is healthy and on the best nutrition and exercise program for them.

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